Hi I’m Lance and this is my wife Jose

WHY we started Guardian Safety Pendants

Jose used to work for many years as a carer in the Home Care industry and saw first hand the struggles of the elderly, disabled and those living alone and the concerns of their loved ones for their safety.

She heard too many stories of people falling and spending hours on the floor or out in their gardens hoping someone would hear their cries and come to help them. In years past we had sad personal experience of this happening in our own family and we had no way of knowing what had occurred.

We wish the Guardian Safety Pendants had been around then.

We listen and heard what people are saying. Grandparents want to remain independent and stay in their own homes.

They want to be able to do the things they enjoy and still get out and about and they don’t want their families to stress and worry about them.

Families also want to support their elderly parents and respect their wishes, but can’t help but be concerned for their safety, especially if they’re living alone. They want to provide them with the protection they need both in their homes or anywhere they might go.

Our Mission is to help people enjoy their independence, and give them peace of mind knowing that if needed, help is just the press of a button away. We want to give families reassurance that their loved ones are safe, no matter where they are.

We enjoy talking with people and believe in the kind of Old Fashioned Service that we once knew and which is sadly missing in today’s world.