• The Guardian Safety Pendants is not submersible. It is recommended you DO NOT wear the unit while showering, however if you do take the unit into the shower, we recommend you place it into a zip-lock bag and hang it on a hook or place it onto a low ledge above drain level where you can easily get to it. Be aware that water infiltration may permanently disable or destroy this product.
  • Switch off your Guardian Safety Pendants when instructed to turn off all mobile phones on commercial aircraft.
  • Avoid using a damaged power cable. This may cause overheating or a potential fire hazard.
  • Never use any chemical or detergent to clean the Guardian Safety Pendants. This may erode its surface.
  • In order to eliminate the risk of electric shock, do not touch the ends of the power cable, charging plug or the metal parts on the inside of the charging cradle with wet or damp hands.
  • Avoid direct prolonged exposure to sunlight and high temperatures to negate the potential of over-heating the battery, which may cause damage.
  • It is recommended you DO NOT wear the Guardian Safety Pendants on a lanyard while sleeping.

– Safety Information Last Updated 1 January 2019