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Guardian Safety Pendants is a My Aged Care supplier and an NDIS registered provider.

Accessing AUSTRALIA'S NDIS Funding

If your client requires NDIS funding, we are a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider. The NDIS is the Federal Government's new way of providing individualised support for eligible people.

Learn if your client is eligible for NDIS funding.

Free Personal Alarm Brochures and Demo MediFones

As a health professional, brochures and/or non-working demo MediFones can be useful to show your clients. We'd be happy to give some to you! Please email us at and we'll post them out to you for free.

Demonstrations (Perth Metro area only)

If you're a health professional in the Perth Metro area and would like a demonstration from our friendly staff, we may be able to come and visit you or arrange for you to visit our Perth office in Warwick. Please phone (08) 6336 9448 and ask for Brody.

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Popular FAQ

All Guardians use a SIM card. Credit for 1 month is included in the purchase price

After that initial period, the cost is either:
$50/year (Optus),
$70/year (Telstra), or
$12.50/month (Telstra with unlimited calls and texts). 


The “G” refers to generation so 3G is the third generation cell network.
The 3G network will soon go the way of vinyl records and video cassettes. The entire 3G network will be shutdown in Australia by mid 2024, though they could bring this date forward.

Australian Safety Pendants only operate on the 3G and 4G network as there are currently no 5G pendants.

Family Monitored: When the SOS button is pressed, the pendant will alert any mobile or landline number that is previously chosen by the user. They are usually family, friends, neighbours, or carers.

Professionally Monitored: When the SOS button is pressed, the pendant will alert a 24/7 monitoring company that has the clients’ details on file. They are permitted to summon an ambulance if requested.

For more info, visit:

Family Monitored: The pendant will shortly begin to call the first emergency contact. Depending on which model is chosen, contacts with a mobile number will receive a text message either immediately after the SOS is pressed or after the call is made (sometimes only the emergency contact who answers the phone will receive a text). If the first emergency contact does not answer the phone, the pendant will call the next contact. This process continues until an emergency contact answers the phone. We recommend having 000 as the final emergency contact in case no one is answering the call from the pendant

Professionally Monitored: Depending on which model is chosen, the pendant either alerts the monitoring company with a message and they will immediately call the user via their safety pendant or the pendant calls the monitoring company directly on their landline. The pendant user then lets the monitoring company know what is wrong. If it was a false alarm, no need to worry, the pendant user needs to just convey this to the monitoring company – they are very understanding!

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