The Guardian iHelp Safety Pendant is the only mobile personal alarm in Australia that actually talks to you and tells you what’s happening! When the user presses the button the iHelp will announce “Your emergency call is being placed now, please standby”.

Guardian iHelp

  • Calls & Texts up to 10 people
  • Voice prompts
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • GPS Tracking
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Medicine Reminders
  • Water Resistant
  • 2-Way Voice Communication
  • Free Phone APP
  • Includes Charging Cradle

Click the button below to hear a sample

Unique to Guardian

- Australia's only talking, mobile personal Alert.

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Size in millimetres / Weight63 X 46 X 17 / 45 grams
SOS button will contactUp to 10 numbers - Text and/or Call
Sequential SOS calls go to each Emergency ContactYES
Programmable to call landline, mobile and 000YES
GPS location provided by pressing the SOS or by:Texting "TRACK" to the safety pendant or accessing the iHelp phone APP and tapping the "TRACK" button.
Programmable by:Phone APP or SMS Text
Phone Service CarriersTelstra or Optus 3G only
Available Speed Dial Nºs0
Voice Module (talks to user)YES
Capable of Receiving CallsYES
Carrying MethodsLanyard, Belt Clip, Wrist Strap
Recharges in a docking cradleYES
Fall DetectorYes, auto and manual abort
Medicine ReminderYES
Optional AccessoriesFully waterproof, small remote button with wristband (never needs recharging), larger docking station with speaker, amplified sound

Accessory Kit - For those who want a smaller and lighter HELP button to use around the house, the iHelp Accessory Kit is ideal.  When the iHelp is placed into the larger docking cradle with amplified speaker, the communication from the emergency contacts sounds much louder.

This larger cradle has a built-in backup battery so that it can easily be moved to an area of the house (without a power outlet) that is within earshot of the iHelp user.

A small remote button with wrist strap is included in the Accessory Kit.  When the little button is pressed, emergency messages and calls happen the same as if the iHelp were activated directly.  The tiny button never needs recharging and is waterproof such that it can be worn in the bath, pool or spa.

An extra remote button can be purchased separately for couples living together.  Either  of the 2 buttons will trigger the alarm without the need to purchase a second iHelp.

Calls and Messages up to 10 Emergency Contacts

Pressing the SOS button sends an emergency text to each contact, with a link showing it’s location on Google Maps.  Calls are made in turn to each contact until someone responds. If answered by voice mail it hangs up and calls the next person.  The user can then speak directly with that person through their pendant.  The sound is loud and clear.  Calls can be received from anyone (just like a normal phone) or you can choose to have only trusted contacts able to call.

000 is included as a back up number.

Voice Prompts

The iHelp uses voice module technology to give audible prompts to the use.

Automatic Fall Detection

When the iHelp senses a fall, before alerting your emergency contacts

Fall Alert notification is sent by text message which includes a link to Google maps with the user’s location, followed by a call to each person until someone responds.  You can easily cancel the alert messages before they are sent, by simply pressing the SOS button, thereby minimising false alarms.  Fall detection can easily be switched on or off.

GPS Tracking

If needed family/friends can get the location of the iHelp (and user) by simply sending the text TRACK to the number of the pendant.  A reply text will give a link to Google Maps.

As with all GPS devices, accurate location is given where there is a straight line view of the satellites.  If the user is inside a large shopping centre or building such that the GPS satellites are unavailable, the text will show: No GPS fix obtained.

Low Battery Alert

Audible warnings are announced at 20%, 10% and 5%.  An additional back-up system will sound 4 beeps when the battery is between 10-20%. 

Medicine Reminder

Voice prompts can be programmed up to 8 times a day to remind the user when to take their medication.


While rated the highest of all Guardian Safety Pendants, be aware that it’s not the water that poses the problem while showering but the soap or shampoo which could potentially enter the speaker or microphone holes.  For this reason we suggest hanging the pendant on a hook in the shower where it could easily be reached in the event of a fall. Another option is to place it in a little zip lock bag.  If wearing in the shower or bath is a priority, we recommend getting the Accessory Pack with the small remote button.

2-Way Voice Communication

Once answered the user can speak with their contact directly – just as with a mobile phone.  As the sound is loud, the pendant doesn’t need to be held next to your ear.  The volume can be adjusted using the side buttons.

Avoiding unwanted Incoming Calls

  1. When the iHelp’s phone number is called, it will ring.  You can choose Press to Answer or have the pendant Answer Automatically.

    If you prefer, the iHelp can be programmed to either:

    1. Allow anyone who knows the phone number to call and speak to the user.  This is useful if other friends and family would like to contact the user.
    2. Allow only the emergency contacts to call and speak to the user.  This blocks unwanted scam calls.

Easy to Recharge

Each pendant comes with its own easy to use charging cradle.  We recommend keeping the cradle on a bedside table and charging the pendant while you sleep.

IMPORTANT:  If getting up during the night, always take the iHelp pendant with you as this is a time when falls are common.

The iHelp uses voice module technology to tell you what is happening when you press the button. Click the play button below listen to what happens when the SOS button is pressed on the iHelp.

The iHelp will call and text up to ten emergency contacts. You’ll then have loud and clear 2-way voice communication with one of your contacts. Receive calls from anyone (just like a normal phone) or block all callers except those you permit to call you.

When the iHelp senses a fall, then before alerting your emergency contacts, this is what you would automatically hear.

Fall Alert notification is sent by text message which includes a link to Google maps with the user’s location, followed by a call. You can easily cancel the alert messages before they are sent by simply pressing the button, thereby minimising false alarms.

If you routinely take medication, the iHelp will remind you when to take it. Since both the speaker and mic are on the front of the unit, the iHelp works brilliantly well in either the wristband or the belt clip (though no belt is needed).