The Guardian MediFone is a 4G Safety Pendant and the first of its kind in Australia.

It is the ideal choice for seniors who find regular mobile phones far too complicated.

The MediFone combines the functions of a Medical Alert Pendant and a simple-to-use mobile phone.

Guardian MediFone -

  • Calls & Texts up to 8 people
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • GPS Tracking
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Water Resistant
  •  2-Way Voice Communication
  • Speed Dial any of 8 numbers
  • 3G & 4G shown on the Screen
  • Choice of Black or Blue
  • Includes Charging Cradle

The Guardian MediFone includes cell signal strength, battery percentage remaining, the date and time on its home screen.  Various other basic messages are able to be displayed like “SOS”, “Fall Alert”, SOS or Fall Alert Cancelled, and the names of up to eight emergency contacts.

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Size in millimetres / Weight65 X 48 X 19 / 56 grams
SOS button will contactUp to 8 numbers - Text and/or Call
Sequential SOS calls go to each Emergency ContactYES
Programmable to call landline, mobile and 000YES
GPS location provided by pressing the SOS or by:Call and/or Text “F"
Programmable by:SMS Text
Phone Service CarriersTelstra’s 3G & 4G frequency bands
Available Speed Dial Nºs8
Capable of Receiving CallsYES
Carrying MethodsLanyard, Belt Clip, Wrist Strap
Recharges in a docking cradleYES
Fall DetectorYes. Cancellable within 15 seconds
Medicine ReminderNO
Optional AccessoriesButton Belt Pouch, Velcro Belt Pouch, Wrist Strap, Shower Bag

mobile alert 8 contacts

Calls and Messages up to 8 Emergency Contacts

When the SOS button is pressed, the unit vibrates, beeps and displays SOS on the screen. The device then calls emergency contact #1. If that person answers, they hear on their phone, “Press 1 on your phone keypad to continue.” This message will play up to three times until the 1 on the keypad is pressed. If 1 is not pressed, then in 25 seconds, the call will automatically disconnect, and emergency contact #2 will receive the next call. This pattern will continue through all of up to eight emergency contacts, and then the cycle will repeat until someone eventually answers the phone. Even if that means all the emergency contacts are scrolled through several times before someone finally answers.
After the completion of an answered call, a text is sent with a link to Google Maps showing the user's GPS location.

Fall Detection

If the device senses what may have been a fall, the device will beep loudly for 20 seconds, during which time the user may abort the fall alert before any calls or text messages are sent by pressing both side buttons simultaneously. If the user does not cancel the fall alert during the 20 second period, the device will automatically begin the sequence of calls to each of the emergency contacts.

Simple Charge & extended standby time

Recharging the Guardian MediFone is simple with the included charging cradle. An optional charging method is with a Qi wireless charging technology as some new cars come equipped with. A neck lanyard is standard while optional accessories include a well-designed belt pouch and wristband. Advanced technology extends standby time such that recharging is necessary weekly rather than daily as presently required for many alert pendants.

Speed Dial up to 8 Contacts

The reason for the MediFone name is because, in addition to sequential calling of contacts when the SOS button is pressed, each of the 8 contacts can be speed dialled individually. The user is able to scroll through the names of contacts and choose one to call as they would in a phone’s address book. When any of the programmed contacts call the MediFone, their name appears on the screen.

Its display screen shows cell signal strength, battery percentage, date and time.  Other basic messages displayed include: “SOS”, “Fall Alert”, SOS or Fall Alert Cancelled, and the names of up to eight emergency contacts.