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Comes with:
• a 12 month

Whether you want family monitoring or professional monitoring, your
Guardian ProTec Personal Medical Alarm is custom programmed for you so it’s
ready to use when you receive it.

Need a setting changed? Call us and we’ll do it for you…for life.

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CELL SIGNAL NOTE – As the smallest alert pendant on the market, the
antenna is small as well. If, where the pendant is to be used, a mobile
phone shows 3 or more bars of signal strength, that should be sufficient
for the ProTec to work well. Less than 3 bars and you should consider one
of our other pendant models.

If in doubt, call us for advice.

The ProTec is not recommended if living under a metal roof.

Note: Please be prepared to wait approximately 1-2 weeks before the device arrives.



Key Features

Smallest and lightest pendant

Speed-dial 1 emergency contact number

Includes recharging cradle



Lightweight and Stylish

The ProTec is the smallest pendant in our range and comes in a choice of colours.  Comfortable to wear on either the lanyard provided or with your favourite chain.

Calls and Messages up to 5 Emergency Contacts

When help is needed simply press and hold the SOS for 2 seconds until it vibrates.  The ProTec will first message each of your contacts saying you need help and give them a link showing your location on Google Maps.  It will then call each contact in turn until one of them responds by pressing No. 1 on their phone keypad.  If answered by voice mail the pendant will hang up and call the next number.

000 can also be programmed as one of the emergency numbers.

Once answered the user can speak with their contact directly – just as with a mobile phone.  As the sound is loud it is not necessary to have the pendant next to your ear.

Automatic Fall Detection

Each ProTec has an automatic fall alert system.  If the device senses what may have been a fall, an emergency text is sent to each contact.  However before the texts are sent, a loud tune sounds for 20 seconds.  If it is a false alarm, it can be aborted with a short press of the SOS button.

As well as a text alerts, calls can also be programmed if required.

Fall Detection can easily be turned off or on.

GPS Tracking

Family or friends can see the location of the ProTec and its user by simply sending the text LOC to the phone number of the pendant.  A reply text will give a link to Google Maps showing the location.

As with all GPS devices they require a straight line view to the satellites, ideally outdoors.  If the user is inside a large building or shopping centre then the last known location will be shown.

Low Battery Alert

When the battery percentage remaining drops down to only 2-3 hours of charge remaining, a warning text can be programmed to be sent to the emergency contacts.

2-Way Voice Communication

Once answered the user can speak with their contact directly – just as with a mobile phone.  As the sound is loud, the pendant doesn’t need to be held next to your ear.  The volume can be adjusted using the side buttons.

Avoiding unwanted Incoming Calls

When the ProTec’s phone number is called it will answer automatically.  If you prefer, the ProTec can be programmed to either:

  1. Allow anyone who knows the phone number to call and speak to the user.  This is useful if other friends and family would like to contact the user.
  2. Allow only the emergency contacts to call and speak to the user.  This blocks unwanted scam calls.

Speed Dial Option

The small side button can be used to speed dial one of the emergency contacts.  It can be a family member/friend or perhaps dial directly through to 000.

Easy to Recharge

Each ProTec comes with it’s own easy to use charging cradle.  Simply place the pendant in this cradle each night to keep the battery fully charged.  When placed in the cradle, a red light will appear on the front of the cradle.  This will dim or go out once the pendant is fully charged.  It is fine to leave the pendant in the cradle overnight.

Important:  Always take the pendant with you if getting up during the night as this is a time when people are most vulnerable to falls.

17 reviews for Guardian Protec

  1. Ann – Mullaloo, WA

    As a multiple sclerosis sufferer living on my own, I was always nervous about having a fall and not being able to get help. I wear my Mobile Alert wherever I go and know that I don’t have to worry anymore as I can reach my daughter or carer easily if I need assistance.

  2. Jean – Mullaloo, WA

    Just a message to say how pleased I am with my alert pendant and how helpful the girls were when I rang up with any inquiries. The delivery was very quick, so thanks.

  3. Faith – MSWA Occupational Therapist

    Really appreciate all your help and assistance and follow up with the clients themselves. You guys run an excellent service!! Look forward to working with you more in the future.

  4. Anna – Nakara, NT

    I was surprised with how quickly it texted the listed phones. I thought that once I answered the phone call, it wouldn’t ring the others, but it did. I now realise I should’ve pressed “1” to stop further calls. We then connected with my sister interstate via the Guardian and I was pleasantly surprised with how well we could hear her on the speaker system. Will now get Mum into the habit of wearing it!!!

  5. Tara – Kingsley, WA

    I would like to thank your whole company for the efficient and concise customer service. It is second to none. I have been spruiking the professionalism of your company to whoever will listen.

  6. Debbie – Middle Swan, WA

    This alert pendant has been a great investment for my mum. Now she has her independence back and she doesn’t need someone around her all the time. It’s so easy to use and set up and see the change in Mum when she’s wearing it, like she’s more confident. I will for sure recommend Guardian to anyone that is interested or needing one.

  7. Michelle – Lesmurdie, WA

    Thank you so much for all your help this morning. You made this whole process so easy and you were so helpful to us, much appreciated. Mum has been wearing her device since we left your office and she feels much more confident knowing we are only a press of a button away if she needs us.

  8. Alice – Morningside, Qld

    Having the pendant has made me feel a lot safer and has helped me out a few times when I have been ill. I would most likely been in a fair bit of danger if I hadn’t been holding it. So thank you, it has helped out quite a bit over the past year and I hope it will continue to.

  9. Audrey – Moggill, Qld

    I am quite happy with my mobile alert. It was very valuable to me when I had a fall and was unable to move. Thankfully, I was able to contact my daughter. She called 000 and got the ambulance for me. I had fractured the head of my femur and spent 3 weeks in the hospital. I am very thankful I had the alert and wear it all the time.

  10. Florence – Manjimup, WA

    Thank you for being so helpful. My family won’t worry about me so much about me now. How life changes; you worry about your children all your life, then as you age, they worry about you.

  11. Katherine DiBattista

    I am glad we purchased a Protec for my Mum, the week after it arrived, she had a fall in out at the shopping centre and it alerted us, plus the SMS with the location is a great feature.

  12. Sonia Calahan

    Thanks Cassie, you are a gem!! You are very patient, I was not sure where to start and you helped me understand the difference between some of the other cheaper Personal Alarms and how yours are different. You should do a video to explain it to people. Thanks so much once again.

  13. Ty – Beechboro, WA

    Thank you for your follow up inquiry about the pendant we bought for mum. It’s got to be one of THE best personal alarm gadgets around. We love it. We also love the fact we can call mum anytime to check if she is wearing it and also to check on her well being. Getting an SMS informing of the state of the battery is a bonus. We are able to tell mum to then put it on charge. Thank you for your service.

  14. Val – Balcatta, WA

    You may already know that the pendant was used a week ago to track and locate my husband who went missing from the Day Centre he attends. Staff and police were involved and he was located without incident for which I’m very grateful as you can imagine! Staff now have his pendant number as well as the police. . . so I guess he now has a “police record”! Hopefully we won’t need to use it again for a while.

  15. Jarrad, Greenwood WA

    We purchased a Guardian ProTec for our 90 year old mum. This pendant has proven to be very easy for Mum to use and given us great peace of mind when we are not with her. The superbly simple and easy method of procurement, set up and delivery was absolutely no fuss. We have no hesitation in recommending this product to all who have parents getting along in years.

  16. Tony Clark

    Just wanted to let you and your team know that your device likely saved the life of a person in our care last week. He fell and was unconscious late one afternoon also cutting his head badly.

    The pendant alarmed 000 and he was taken to hospital and all is ok now

    Tony Clark
    (St Jude’s Health Care Services)

  17. Ike Venetis

    Thank you for your call today explaining the best way to use the pendant.
    I’m very happy with the pendant and will recommend it my friends.

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