Guardian Sentry

  • Calls & Texts up to 5 People
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • GPS Tracking
  • Low Battery Alert
  • 2-Way Voice Communication
  • Optional Tracking Platform
  • Strongest Antenna
  • Water Resistant
  • Includes Magnetic Charging

Unique to Guardian

    - Speed Dial 3 Phone Numbers
    - Extra Loud Fall Warning
    - Sequential or Simultaneous Texts

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  • User Guides


Size in millimetres / Weight77 X 47 X 20 / 77 grams
SOS button will contactUp to 5 numbers - Text and/or Call
Sequential SOS calls go to each Emergency ContactYES
Programmable to call landline, mobile and 000YES
GPS location provided by pressing the SOS or by:Call and/or Text 0000,A00
Programmable by:SMS Text or Tracking Platform
Phone Service CarriersTelstra or Optus 3G only
Available Speed Dial Nºs3
Capable of Receiving CallsYES
Carrying MethodsLanyard
RechargeableMagnetically attach the cable for easy recharging
Fall DetectorYes, 3 sensitivity settings, time adjustable
Medicine ReminderNO
Optional AccessoriesTracking Platform

Calls and Messages up to 5 Emergency Contacts

When help is needed simply press and hold the SOS for 2 seconds until it vibrates.  The Sentry will first message each of your contacts saying you need help and give them a link showing your location on Google Maps.  It will then call each contact in turn until one of them responds by pressing No. 1 on their phone keypad.  If answered by voice mail the pendant will hang up and call the next number.

000 can also be programmed as one of the emergency numbers.

Once answered the user can speak with their contact directly – just as with a mobile phone.  As the sound is loud it is not necessary to have the pendant next to your ear.

Unique to the Guardian Sentry is that the SMS text messages can be sent one at a time until one of the contacts responds, or the messages can be sent to everyone at the same time before the calls are made.  The distinctive advantage with the former option is that contacts aren’t left wondering what’s going on if they get the text without the call.  If answered by an answering machine the call will hang up and ring the next number. Sentry

GPS Tracking

There are 3 ways in which the Sentry provides its location:

1) Call the number of the pendant.  Once you hang up, a reply text will provide a link to Google Maps of the user’s location.

2) Send 0000,A00 to the number of the pendant.  A reply text will provide a link to Google Maps of the user’s location.

3) Optional Tracking Platform – For those who need realtime, live tracking; advanced geo-fence options (eg., custom-shaped boundaries); history and much more; this is a premium GPS platform with all the bells and whistles.  Personalised instruction is also available on a computer, tablet or phone APP.

As with all GPS devices they require a straight line view to the satellites, ideally outdoors.  If the user is inside a large building or shopping centre then the last known location will be shown.

Low Battery Alert

When the battery percentage remaining drops down to only 2-3 hours of charge remaining, a warning text can be programmed to be sent to the emergency contacts.

2-Way Voice Communication

Once answered the user can speak with their contact directly – just as with a mobile phone.  As the sound is loud, the pendant doesn’t need to be held next to your ear.  The volume can be adjusted using the side buttons.

Avoiding unwanted Incoming Calls

When the Sentry’s phone number is called it will answer automatically.  If you prefer, the Sentry can be programmed to either:

  1. Allow anyone who knows the phone number to call and speak to the user.  This is useful if other friends and family would like to contact the user.
  2. Allow only the emergency contacts to call and speak to the user.  This blocks unwanted scam calls.Sentry

Automatic Fall Detection

Easily switched on or off, there are 3 sensitivity settings.

If the device senses what may have been a fall, an emergency text and/or call is sent to each contact.  However before sending any texts, the Sentry vibrates and plays a unique loud tune for a number of seconds (you choose how long).  If set off by accident, it can easily be cancelled by pressing any button.
If you have in fact fallen, then the Sentry will alert your contacts and provide your location.

Magnetic Charging

The charging cable has a distinctive magnet attachment on the end.  A blue light on the magnet attachment lets you know the cord is working and the power is on.  When placed near the corresponding magnet connected to the Sentry, they attract and attach.  There is also a blue light on the Sentry that, when on, lets you know the unit is being charged.

Speed Dial Option

The Sentry gives the user the option to speed dial any 3 phone numbers.  The phone icon button above the SOS and the orange bar on the side act as speed dial buttons.