How to claim a $400 WA Government rebate for safety/security products


One of Mark McGowan’s election promises is to reinstate the Seniors’ Safety & Security Rebate.

What’s been promised is a rebate of up to $400 for the purchase of home security and safety equipment for WA Seniors Card holders.

The $16 million commitment can be used by Seniors to install devices like:
• Home Intruder Alarms
• Deadlocks* Security Window Screens
• Sensor Lights
• Fire & Electrical Safety items

When axed by the previous government in 2015, the rebate included $200 towards the purchase of a Personal Safety Device (PSD), like our Guardian Pendant. That rebate initiative allowed tens of thousands of seniors throughout WA to acquire a Safety Pendant.   

The year after the rebate ended, Telstra discontinued their 2G service.  Optus and Vodafone followed suit months later.  

It was unfortunate timing that millions of dollars was spent on mobile personal alarms that wouldn’t work beyond December 2016. In fairness to the government at the time when the rebate began, they would not have known that 2G technology was soon to be retired.

While we don’t yet know whether PSDs will be included in the Labour government’s rebate program, what is known is that we now have PSDs that will continue to work with advancing technologies for many years to come.

Whether PSDs are rebated or not, it should still be a great opportunity for WA Seniors to reinforce home safety and security measures.


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