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Simple SOS smartwatch that speaks your language
Why choose this Personal Alarm?

It’s the most versatile and the most simple.

It can be worn on the wrist, like a pendant on a lanyard, or pinned with our brooch like a pocket watch. Magnetic strap options are also available. 

The MediWatch is perfect for anyone who finds technology difficult. It’s so easy to learn and even easier to use. 

For more information about how everything works, click here: FAQ Page.


Elite SOS Smartwatch that pairs with an app
Why choose this Personal Alarm?

It has just about everything.

Although more expensive ongoing than the MediWatch, the mCareWatch is great for those who need that breadth of features.

The app, available for family and friends, provides so much information and opportunity to fine-tune settings.

For more information about how everything works, click here: FAQ Page.

Why do I need a personal alarm watch?

Experience Peace of Mind and Freedom
A personal alarm watch helps you enjoy life with minimal obstacles.
Spend less time having family or carers checking in on you.

It’s like wearing a seatbelt. You don’t want an emergency to happen but you wear it anyway.

How can this watch help me?

Talk to Loved Ones with Ease
Feel reassured by speaking with someone you trust.

At the press of a button, speak with emergency contacts, 000, or our 24/7 monitoring company. 

Receive Help from Anywhere
Avoid the panic of getting lost or confused when out and about.

Emergency contacts can call you and track your GPS location if needed.

Feel Protected After a Fall
Falls are a serious concern for many individuals.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with automatic fall detection; no need to press a button.

Verified Personal Alarm Reviews

  • My son just got me sorted with pendant and explained how it works Am happy with it and not as worried if I fall over !!! Thankyou

    Marie Edwards Avatar Marie Edwards
  • best of the best it just right on you finger tip as easy as abe

    Bruce Lee Avatar Bruce Lee
  • Very happy with Mums MediFone. Discreet for Mum to wear and really easy for Mum to operate. Has given Mum and us peace of mind that she is able to contact us at any time and we are able to find her with the GPS coordinates that are sent to us via SMS.

    Deb Avatar Deb
  • I have had a wonderful experience with this company. Very kind and helpful staff who provided me with a Pendant which meets my needs. I have tested this device and it works very well. The biggest selling point of this Service are their kind staff which made the whole process that much easier. Highly recommend them.

    Erika Fels Avatar Erika Fels
  • I purchased a Medi Alert for my 86 year old mum a couple of years ago. She lives alone on a small rural property. Mum has had to use her Medi Alert on two occasions. She was able to quickly contact me and get the medical assistance she required. I would highly recommend the Medi Alert, as well as the support and service provided by Guardian Safety Pendants. Great technology providing peace of mind for my mum and those who love and support her. Thank you.

    Belinda Thompson Avatar Belinda Thompson
  • Guardian are a local Perth company who understand the needs and challenges faced by older persons who want to live independently. I chose the Lingo pendant and it is great!

    Katherine Smith Avatar Katherine Smith
  • We recently purchased the MediFone Safety Pendant for my wife and we have tested it and it works very well. I am now able to leave my wife for short periods with confidence that if she should fall or need assistance the pendant will provide that security.

    Edward Avery Avatar Edward Avery

    Maureen Perry Avatar Maureen Perry
  • This has certainly eased the stress on me and my family as I have had some unexplained falls. It was very easy to buy and set up and it works perfectly. Customer support is also excellent. I like that I can wear it around my neck or on my wrist

    robin Hollands Avatar robin Hollands
  • The Guardian Pendant gives me peace on mind that if an accident was to occur that help is only a press of the button away. So far everything to very good.

    Maureen Osmond Avatar Maureen Osmond

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