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Half medical alert, half mobile phone
Why choose this Personal Alarm?

It’s extremely reliable.

The MediFone has 250 fall detection sensitivity levels. If falling is a concern, this is the one to choose. 

The LED screen keeps the user informed while voice prompts guide the user along the way. A great choice for just about anyone. 

For more information about how everything works, click here: FAQ Page.


Lanyard Version
Why choose this Personal Alarm?

It’s the most versatile and the most simple.

For those who like the features of the MediWatch such as being showerproof, but prefer the pendant style, this is the best choice.

The MediWatch is perfect for anyone who finds technology difficult. It’s so easy to learn and even easier to use. 

For more information about how everything works, click here: FAQ Page.


Discreet alerts + siren alarm
Why choose this Personal Alarm?

If you’re concerned about being vulnerable but sometimes don’t want to escalate the situation, this device is for you. For example:

  • Professionals working with high-risk clients
  • Lone workers
  • Individuals exercising alone
  • Individuals travelling alone (e.g. catching a taxi, on the train, etc.)

It’s extremely user friendly and can help anybody feel safer when on their own.

For more information about how everything works, click here: FAQ Page.

Why do I need a personal alarm pendant?

Experience Peace of Mind and Freedom
A personal alarm pendant helps you enjoy life with minimal obstacles.
Spend less time having family or carers checking in on you.

It’s like wearing a seatbelt. You don’t want an emergency to happen but you wear it anyway.

How can this pendant help me?

Talk to Loved Ones with Ease
Feel reassured by speaking with someone you trust.

At the press of a button, speak with emergency contacts, 000, or our 24/7 monitoring company. 

Receive Help from Anywhere
Avoid the panic of getting lost or confused when out and about.

Emergency contacts can call you and track your GPS location if needed.

Feel Protected After a Fall
Falls are a serious concern for many individuals.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with automatic fall detection; no need to press a button.

Verified Personal Alarm Reviews

  • Very friendly and helpful staff who really care and are passionate about what they do. Very happy with this service.

    Natarsha Richard Avatar Natarsha Richard
  • Lizzie Rush has been knowledgeable, helpful (and patient with me too) with my purchase of a Lingo Pendant. Thank you Lizzie - you're tops!!!

    Judy Gilder Avatar Judy Gilder
  • This has been a great help in assisting Dad to stay in his home independently. He is able to contact us in an emergency and when he has a fall we are notified. The ability to loop the calls should one of us not hear the call is fantastic as it will keep going until one of us do answer. It also provides us with a message to notify us of the battery running low so that can remind him to charge his watch. The staff were extremely helpful and listened to all of dads wishes. Thank you

    Trish Kop Avatar Trish Kop
  • I purchased a Medi Alert for my 86 year old mum a couple of years ago. She lives alone on a small rural property. Mum has had to use her Medi Alert on two occasions. She was able to quickly contact me and get the medical assistance she required. I would highly recommend the Medi Alert, as well as the support and service provided by Guardian Safety Pendants. Great technology providing peace of mind for my mum and those who love and support her. Thank you.

    Belinda Thompson Avatar Belinda Thompson
  • I Havnt needed to use it yet but it tested fine. Personal service was great. Don't even know I am wearing it.

    Elaine Glenie Avatar Elaine Glenie
  • It is amazing Just press SOS button and it will call your emergency contact numbers you don't need to remember them when you can't once you set the contacts in the pendent

    Duy Le Avatar Duy Le
  • The Best Personal Alarm on the market. Easy to use and looks good too.Saved my life.

    alistair mackenzie Avatar alistair mackenzie
  • Very helpful staff. Purchased for our mother and she is very pleased with Mediwatch. Thank you Guardian

    mar elliott Avatar mar elliott
  • Brody & the team have been extremely helpful. I’m more than happy with the service.

    Andy Jones Avatar Andy Jones
  • Excellent place to view a range of safety pendants in person. Kathryn's explanation of how the devices work was very easy to understand. So pleased to have found this excellent business.

    Louise Avatar Louise

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