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Half medical alert, half mobile phone
Why choose this Personal Alarm?

It’s extremely reliable.

The MediFone has 250 fall detection sensitivity levels. If falling is a concern, this is the one to choose. 

The LED screen keeps the user informed while voice prompts guide the user along the way. A great choice for just about anyone. 

For more information about how everything works, click here: FAQ Page.


Lanyard Version
Why choose this Personal Alarm?

It’s the most versatile and the most simple.

For those who like the features of the MediWatch such as being showerproof, but prefer the pendant style, this is the best choice.

The MediWatch is perfect for anyone who finds technology difficult. It’s so easy to learn and even easier to use. 

For more information about how everything works, click here: FAQ Page.


Voice prompts in any language
Why choose this Personal Alarm?

It was Australia’s first pendant with voice prompts available in any language.

It’s extremely user friendly and currently on special.

If you’re wanting to save some money and you don’t need all the features of the MediWatch, the Lingo is a smart choice.

For more information about how everything works, click here: FAQ Page.

Why do I need a personal alarm pendant?

Experience Peace of Mind and Freedom
A personal alarm pendant helps you enjoy life with minimal obstacles.
Spend less time having family or carers checking in on you.

It’s like wearing a seatbelt. You don’t want an emergency to happen but you wear it anyway.

How can this pendant help me?

Talk to Loved Ones with Ease
Feel reassured by speaking with someone you trust.

At the press of a button, speak with emergency contacts, 000, or our 24/7 monitoring company. 

Receive Help from Anywhere
Avoid the panic of getting lost or confused when out and about.

Emergency contacts can call you and track your GPS location if needed.

Feel Protected After a Fall
Falls are a serious concern for many individuals.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with automatic fall detection; no need to press a button.

Verified Personal Alarm Reviews

  • we needed something like the alarm and choose the Guardian pendant as it was price competitive and local WA. It has given me freedom and peace of mind to do things outside the home area knowing that my wife has the comfort of being able to contact me immediately where ever she is.

    Ralph Duttson Avatar Ralph Duttson
  • Very happy

    lee-anne TENNANT Avatar lee-anne TENNANT
  • Thank you for the device. I haven't had to use it yet.

    Coralee George Avatar Coralee George
  • Since wearing the Guardian Safety Pendant 2 months ago I can't believe how much my life has improved. I no longer fear falling, at home and no-one finding me (I do live alone). I also have no fear taking my dog for a walk along quiet paths, as I know I can be found! Having 24/7 help on hand has been liberating, both emotionally and physically. Thank you Guardian for your product that has enabled me to live my best life at 70. Barbara

    Barbara Jacobsen Avatar Barbara Jacobsen
  • Excellent service and very helpful staff at all times. Alerting us when the usage on the pendent was excessive and keen to resolve the problem for my 'golden oldie' 🙂 Many thanks to all at Guardian.

    Catherine Randabel Avatar Catherine Randabel
  • We recently purchased the MediFone Safety Pendant for my wife and we have tested it and it works very well. I am now able to leave my wife for short periods with confidence that if she should fall or need assistance the pendant will provide that security.

    Edward Avery Avatar Edward Avery
  • The Guardian Pendant gives me peace on mind that if an accident was to occur that help is only a press of the button away. So far everything to very good.

    Maureen Osmond Avatar Maureen Osmond
  • Very good product. Very happy :o)

    Tony Cadet-James Avatar Tony Cadet-James
  • I'll be transparent in that I am a casual employee of GSP, but my review is more towards the workplace quality and the effect it has on morale and the overall quality of the product and customer experience. GSP is hands down the most ethical, most supportive, and most caring team I've ever worked for and with. Management cares individually about each employee and meets often to discuss ways to upskill, get better work/life balance, and overall increase your satisfaction in the work you're doing. They place zero pressure on customer call times, preferring us to give the best customer service and resolving any and all issues, however long it takes us. Due to this, the morale within the team at GSP is insanely high, all the time. The overflow from this is that the quality of customer service, the attention to detail in completing orders, and the response to resolving issues or making minor or major corrections to programming devices to suit the customer's personal preferences is unmatched. Brody (General Manager) also nitpicks constantly at any and all features of GSP's devices that could be improved. It's so easy to recommend products to people because every one of them are as reliable as we can possibly make them. GSP custom programs every single device to your preference, and if any adjustments need to be made, call in, and we will do it there for you over the phone. If you're looking for a duress alarm, a simplified mobile phone for an elderly, disabled, low mobility, or remote relative, GSP is absolutely the go. Small family businesses with that high customer satisfaction guarantee is where it's at 💪🏽

    Zoram Aitken Avatar Zoram Aitken
  • Lizzie Rush has been knowledgeable, helpful (and patient with me too) with my purchase of a Lingo Pendant. Thank you Lizzie - you're tops!!!

    Judy Gilder Avatar Judy Gilder

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