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The Guardian MediWatch is Australia’s first 4G Safety Watch that audibly announces what’s happening in the language of your choice. Short, clearly stated voice prompts assure the Watch User that the MediWatch is doing its job.

Whether you want family monitoring or professional monitoring, your Guardian MediWatch Personal Medical Alarm is custom programmed for you so it’s ready to use when you receive it.

Need a setting changed? Call us and we’ll do it for you…for life.

SIM Information
If you choose a family monitored Guardian SIM, you’ll receive the first month’s worth of SIM credit for free!
Guardian Optus prepaid credit – $50/year
Guardian Telstra prepaid credit – $70/year
Guardian T-Plus unlimited calls/texts – $150/year
(Choose your SIM card by following the prompts after purchase)

Note: The standard time taken to receive your product after you provide the programming information is 2-3 weeks to allow for set up, testing, and delivery.


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Key Features

Voice Prompts in Any Language

GPS Tracking

3G & 4G Network

Heart Rate Measurement


The Guardian MediWatch is a medical alert smartwatch that is so easy to use and blends in perfectly with everyday wear. It comes with the coveted IP67 certification which makes it showerproof and dustproof.

It operates on Android v 8.1.0.

Voice Prompts in Any Language

Like the Guardian Lingo pendant, we use our own custom voice prompts for this device. Simply let us know the language you’d like and we’ll put it in there! Anything other than English costs an extra $30.

Calls and Messages up to 8 Emergency Contacts

When help is needed, simply press and hold the side SOS button for 2-3 seconds until it vibrates. The MediaWatch will sequentially call your contacts so you can tell them what help you need. Contact will be sent a link showing your location on Google Maps. If your emergency contact does not answer within a short period of time, the device will automatically call the next contact.

If the SOS button was pressed by accident or to cancel the alarm, the voice prompt will announce that the user simply needs to press the SOS button again to avoid alerting the contacts.

Once answered the user can speak with their contact directly – just as with a mobile phone.

GPS Tracking

There are 4 ways in which the MediWatch provides its location:

  1. Send a text code to the number of the pendant. A reply text will provide a link to Google Maps.
  2. During an SOS sequence (SOS press or fall triggered)
  3. When it notifies contacts of a low battery
  4. When it notifies contacts that the device was powered off (OPTIONAL)

Fall Detection

Easily switched on or off, there are 3 sensitivity settings.

If the device senses what may have been a fall, a call is made to emergency contacts, similar to the SOS button being pressed. The difference being that the voice prompt identifies the alarm as a fall alert.

Note: Due to the varied nature of falls, some falls may not register. We can adjust the sensitivity if necessary. However, in the event of a fall, do not wait for the Fall Alert alarm sound but press and hold the SOS button if you are conscious.

Speed Dial up to 8 Contacts

The MediWatch gives the user the option to speed dial up to 8 phone numbers. Simply access the contacts using the menu navigation and swipe until the desired contact is highlighted on the screen, then tap the screen.

For only $5/contact with a maximum of $20, you can give us the real pictures of your loved ones and we can program them onto the watch face. In other words, $5/image but anything 4 images or more is $20. For example:

  1. One speed-dial with an image: $5
  2. Two speed-dials with images: $10
  3. Three speed-dials with images: $15
  4. Four speed-dials with images: $20
  5. Five speed-dials with images: $20

Low Battery Alert

When the battery percentage remaining drops to 20%, a voice prompt warns the user that the battery is low. The screen will also indicate that the battery is low.

Avoiding unwanted Incoming Calls

When the MediWatch phone number is called it will answer automatically. If you prefer, the MediWatch can be programmed to either:

  1. Allow anyone who knows the phone number to call and speak to the user.
  2. Allow only the emergency contacts to call and speak to the user. This blocks unwanted scam callers.

Magnetic Charging

The MediWatch has a simple magentic charging cradle. When connected, a voice prompt announces that the MediWatch is charging. If the MediWatch was off before being placed in the cradle, the unit will automatically turn on within a minute.

2-Way Voice Communication

Once answered the user can speak with their contact directly – just as with a mobile phone. Volume is increased or decreased by positioning the MediWatch closer to or further from the user’s ear.

Heart Rate Measurement

Measure your heart rate at any moment with the heart rate app!


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Length (excluding watch crown)

46 mm


44 mm


17 mm



Watch Case


Watch Strap

Either Silicone or Leather



Operation System


Working frequencies

LTE: B1 (2100), B2 (1900), B3 (1800), B5 (850), B7 (2600), B8 (900), B12 (700), B20 (800), LTE: B38 (2600MHz), B39 (1900), B40 (2300), B41 (2500), TD-SCDMA: B34 (2100), B39 (1900), WCDMA: B1 (2100), B5 (850), B2 (1900)

Battery Life

Approx 28 hours

Water and dust resistance rating

IP67 (Showerproof)


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