Pouch And Lock (PAL)


The PAL is a security tag that is pinned through a pocket, or pouch within a pocket that locks a GPS tracker onto an article of clothing.  Unlike a safety pin, the security pin cannot be removed without a special magnet tool held by a carer.

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For those with Alzheimers, dementia or others prone to wandering, there are times when the safety of a loved one takes precedence over self management.  Most of us resist giving up our independence.  Providing a PAL (Pouch And Lock) could be just what the doctor ordered.

The pouch can be used to lock the tracker on the inside of a pants pocket, the back of the pants at the belt line, or if a conversation with the wearer would be beneficial, on the shoulder area of a shirt or coat.

PAL kits include: a pouch, 2 security tags, 2 pins, and the magnet tool.

When purchased separately, the cost is $49.  When purchased with a GPS tracker, the cost is $39.  The PAL will work with any size GPS tracker, however the one we recommend using is the Sentry model

How to use PAL Instructions [sdm_download id=”22428″ fancy=”0″ color=”blue”]

Here is a brief video of a GPS tracker being locked in a shirt pocket

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