mCareWatch 4G Fall Detection Personal Alarm


This 4G Smart Watch is perfect for people who prefer a device that blends in with everyday wear. Is someone you know prone to wandering and won’t wear a pendant? The mCareWatch comes with *geo-fencing and tracking features to bring peace of mind to the wearer’s family and friends.

*A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a geographic area. It is used as a way to identify where you want the pendant user to stay in or away from (usually stay in). For example, a geo-fence would be setup around the pendant user’s home that is triggered when they leave the property.

Choose 1 of 3 Plans

SOS Press ProtocolCalls up to 6 Emergency ContactsCalls up to 6 Emergency ContactsCalls a 24/7 Monitoring Service
Call Credit30 mins/monthUnlimited timeUnlimited time
GPS Tracking
Reminder Alerts
Speed-dial up to 6 contacts
Automatic Fall Detection
Heart Rate Alarm
Non-Movement Alarm
Geo-Fencing Alarm
Monthly: $39
Yearly: $299
(save $169)
Monthly: $55
Yearly: $475
(save $185)
Monthly: $75
Yearly: $729
(save $171)

The mCareWatch plans involve an ongoing subscription to an app as well as SIM fees.

If you’d like an alternative SOS watch without an app subscription and only pay for SIM fees (from $70/year), click here.

mCare does not offer refunds as part of their policy unless the watch is defective. We can request a partial refund from mCare for changes of mind but nothing is guaranteed.

Purchase details:


Key Features

Heart Rate Alarms

Non-movement Alarms

Geo-Fencing to Prevent Wandering

3G & 4G Network


The mCareWatch is a smart watch, emergency alarm, location tracker and mobile phone in one. It comes with a classic shaped circular dial featuring a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen with 454 x 454 pixels resolution at 326ppi pixel density. It comes with the coveted IP67 certification which makes it water resistant as well as dustproof.

The watch operates on a MT6739 Quad Core with 2GB internal storage which has Android 7.1.1 preloaded as the operating system. You can use replaceable bands for the watch in case you want to change the look of the watch.

Some additional specs of the mCareWatch include: Double 4G network connectivity, Nano SIM, Wi-Fi with integrated antenna, GPS/GLONASS, Bluetooth v4, heart rate monitoring, GPS mapping and a 800mAh battery.

mCareWatch Software

All Service Plans include access to the mCareWatch software on the mCareWatch, carer’s mobile app and ConnectiveCARE online platform.

Setup and Activation

Setup and Activation includes setup of the mCareWatch with the mCareWatch software, SIM card, access to the ConnectiveCARE online platform and pre-prorgamming of the SOS contact numbers and family speed dial contacts.

SIM Card Details

Basic Service Plan includes: 30 minutes of standard outgoing national voice calls (Australia) and 25MB of data per month. Additional charges apply if you exceed these minimum thresholds per month. If you exceed the thirty (30) minutes of outgoing national voice calls per month you will be charged $15.00 (incl. GST) for an additional 30 minutes of outgoing voice calls and 25MB of data.

Standard and Premium Service Plans include: unlimited national outgoing voice calls (Australia) and 1GB of data per month. Additional charges apply if you exceed these minimum thresholds per month. If you exceed the 1GB of data, you will be charged an additional $20 for 1GB of data.

Setup and ready to use

All devices are pre-set with the SOS contacts, a SIM card is pre-installed and device is ready to use.

Auto-answer and chat

Any pre-set contact listed on the device can call into the device, ring once and then auto-answer with the caller able to speak to the wearer.

GPS and Wi-Fi Location Tracking

Device includes GPS and Wi-Fi technologies, which provide the location of the wearer via the carer’s web portal and mobile app.

On Demand Location

The carer’s web portal and mobile app can provide the latest location of the wearer by simply pressing the on demand button.

Low battery alerts

If enabled and setup – all SOS contacts will receive SMS alert when the device battery is low and needs to be recharged.

Unlimited Medication, Task and Appointment Reminders

Carers have the ability to setup unlimited customised medication, task and appointment reminders for the wearer (via carer’s online portal). Reminders can also be setup as text to speech.

Certified IP67 water resistant

Device is certified to be water resistant for up to one metre for 30 minutes.

4G mobile network coverage

Every device has a pre-installed SIM card with a Telstra mobile number.

Automatic SOS calls to pre-set contacts

Up to six contact numbers (mobile or landline) can be pre-set on the device, when the SOS button is activated.

Fall Detection Alert & Sensitivity Adjustment

When the device detects a fall, it will ask the wearer if they are OK and if they do not respond the device will automatically call the SOS preset contacts. NOTE: this feature will drain the battery and require more frequent recharging of the device.

Carer’s Web Portal and Mobile app

Access to mCare’s ConnectiveCARE web portal and Mobile app, which allows carers to connect and access the device anywhere and anytime.

Anti-Disturb Call Block Feature

The device can be set to only allow incoming calls from the pre-set and authorised contacts.


Rated # 1 Geo-fence in the CHOICE ‘Personal Alarms Review’, you can set up a geo-fence perimeter.

Speed Dial Contacts

Wearer can automatically call up to 6 different contacts by pressing photo of their nominated Speed Dial contact (photos uploaded via carer’s online portal).


  • There are 2 buttons on the side but only the lower one activates the SOS. An SOS ‘button’ can be visible on the watch screen, too, but this can only be shown by tapping the screen or pressing one of the side buttons
  • The ongoing cost is high due to the app that mCare offers and is mandatory
  • The battery life is shortest of all personal alarms due to the range of features it has; regular recharging is required
  • The range of features can be overwhelming but the watch screen can be locked to help overcome this
  • Voice prompt files are only available in English
  • The fall detection is less effective compared to personal alarms worn on a lanyard or brooch. This is due to the fact that fall detection is based on accelleration being built up over a short period of time. Since the wrist/hand movement is less consistent and unpredictable during a fall, the automatic fall detection may be less likely to activate.


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Length (excluding watch crown)

48 mm


45 mm


15 mm (from bottom to screen)


Approx. 70g

Watch Case


Watch Strap

Strap is replaceable with a lug width of 24 mm and suitable for a wrist size of 140–210 mm.


Carbon Black


1.3-inch circular AMOLED display

454 x 454 pixels

Corning Gorilla Glass



Operation System

Android 7.1.1

mCareWatch MW202


2 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM

Working frequencies

LTE: B1 (2100), B2 (1900), B3 (1800), B5 (850), B7 (2600), B8 (900), B12 (700), B20 (800), LTE: B38 (2600MHz), B39 (1900), B40 (2300), B41 (2500), TD-SCDMA: B34 (2100), B39 (1900), WCDMA: B1 (2100), B5 (850), B2 (1900)

Positioning System

GPS + Glonass




Bluetooth: 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 4.0

WiFi: 2.4 GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n


800 mAh*

*Typical value. Actual capacity may vary slightly.

This capacity is the nominal battery capacity. The actual battery capacity for each individual product may be slightly above or below the nominal battery capacity.

Water and dust resistance rating


What’s In the box

Watch*1 Standard

Charging Cradle (including USB cable) *1 Standard

Power Adapter*1 Standard

Quick Start Guide*1 Standard

*Disclaimer: specifications may change without notice, images are for illustration purpose only.


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