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Emergency Contact Useful Information

Thank you for agreeing to be an emergency contact! Below are some helpful tips.

Do these now:

  • Save the pendant number in your phone as a contact (e.g ‘Mary’s Safety Pendant’).
  • Confirm with the pendant user what number you are on the call sequence (number 1 will be called 1st , number 3 will be called 3rd, etc.).
  • Make sure the pendant phone number is not blocked on your phone.
  • Make sure your number is not set as a private number (or else it may prevent calls in/out).


  • When the pendant SOS is pressed it will call your phone and/or send a text message with GPS location.
  • When the pendant calls you, you should answer the call, wait for the voice prompt to sound once, go to your keypad, and then press 1 to stop the call sequence (excluding Guardian Rova users).
  • After pressing 1 you can speak to the user through your phone as a regular phone call.

If you need any help, feel free to Contact Us for any further assistance.

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