Guardian Swissvoice 4G SOS Phone Personal Alarm



Looking for the perfect smartphone made simple?

The ideal smartphone for people who are:

  • sight challenged
  • hearing aid users
  • cognitively impaired
  • Baby Boomers

Our Swissvoice is a top-rated, simple smartphone with a dedicated SOS button and smart base station.

As well as its strong, clear sound and extra-loud ring tones, the phone provides a range of functionalities specially designed for staying in contact with loved ones. The Swissvoice Premium Service additionally enables family and friends to provide remote assistance where necessary as well as several other features (click here).

SIM Information

Option 1: Unlimited calls/texts & 10GB/month – $19/month or $228/year
Option 2: Choose your own SIM (you manage the credit)

Note: The standard time taken to receive your product after you provide the programming information is approximately 2 weeks to allow for set up, testing, and delivery.




Calls 1 Emergency Contact and Messages up to 5 Others

When help is needed, simply press and hold the SOS button for 2-3 seconds until it vibrates. You will be given 10 seconds to cancel in case of an accidental activation. The personal alarm Swissvoice will call a dedicated emergency contact so the user can tell them what help is needed. Up to 5 other emergency contacts will receive an SMS to inform them the SOS button was pressed.

Once answered the user can speak with their contact directly – just as with any mobile phone.

GPS Tracking

GPS location is provided to emergency contacts when the personal alarm Swissvoice user presses the SOS button.

Speed-Dial up to 3 Contacts

On the main screen, 3 separate photos represent 3 commonly called phone numbers. Tapping the picture initiates the speed-dial call.

Low Battery Alert

While the Swissvoice requires recharging on a regular basis, if the battery percentage drops to 15%, the primary emergency contact will automatically receive an SMS notification. The battery life is approximately 2-4 days.

Easy Charging

The Swissvoice comes with a Base Station accompanying a range of features. Placing the Swissvoice into the station will allow it to begin charging. A small charging point on the base of the Swissvoice is also available for normal charging without the Base Station.

Speech to Text and Text to Speech

Read or listen to text messages. You can also speak into the phone and it will type text messages for you.



There is one dedicated Premium Service Account Holder with a login to the online portal. These login details can be shared but some features can only be accessed with the mobile phone of the Account Holder. General Features include:


One of the contacts is set to receive alerts when the personal alarm Swissvoice enters or exits predetermined areas. Multiple fences can be created.

Temperature Alerts

Set minimum and maximum temperatures and the personal alarm Swissvoice will alert a specific contact when the Base Station in the home detects temperatures that are either too high or too low.

Initiate Video Monitoring

The Account Holder can trigger the video call function so they can easily see the user and either start a conversation or check in on them in an emergency.

Remote Access

Any feature or function the personal alarm Swissvoice can do can be controlled remotely via phone or computer.

Events Log

See what the personal alarm Swissvoice has been up to, whether it’s been turned on, turned off, been put on charge, triggered an SOS or low battery notification, and so on.

…and much more!


  • Unlike our other personal alarms, we cannot remotely reprogram the Swissvoice unless they are using the Premium Service online portal. You can still call us for guidance without the portal but we can’t change settings remotely without it
  • The device only calls 1 phone number when the SOS is pressed. It’s best to select either an extremely reliable person, 000, or have the Swissvoice professionally monitored
  • The SOS system can message up to 5 additional numbers (mobile phone numbers only). This SMS goes out to everyone at once; we recommend planning ahead with family/friends what to do in an emergency to avoid panic when the messages flood in
  • The user can exit into a normal phone system. Although this ‘opens up’ the possibilities of the phone, this may lead to changing settings that are not suitable for the user
  • This personal alarm does not have automatic fall detection
  • We do not offer the Guardian Telstra $70/year plan or the Guardian Optus $50/year plan since the phone will likely be used more than a personal alarm. Plus the Swissvoice uses data that our Guardian SIMs cannot accommodate. Therefore, we only offer the $19/month ALDI SIM plan with 10GB of data and unlimited calls & texts. However, you can choose to buy your own SIM plan if you wish.


Premium Service

To see what the actual Premium Service looks like on your phone or computer, click HERE and enter for the email and 12345678 for the password.

See below a 3-minute video of the personal alarm Swissvoice phone.

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