Guardian Knight
(Siren Alarm)



The Guardian Knight personal alarm is small, simple, and powerful.

Unlike our other SOS pendants, this device just has a siren alarm pumping 130dB, which is very loud like a car alarm. It can be used as a deterrent from attackers for those exercising alone. Alternatively, activate it when in a personal emergency (for example, when having a stroke or a heart attack) to attract the attention of people nearby.

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How does it work?

It’s easy! The user simply hooks the alarm onto themself, such as their belt, or their purse/handbag. A firm pull of the metal pin at the bottom of the chain activates the alarm. The circle on the front of the alarm is where the sound comes from and can be a red herring to confuse any attackers who try to turn off the alarm. The actual way to turn it off is to press the pin back into place as shown in the image gallery.

How often do I have to change the batteries?

With fresh batteries, the alarm will sound for 6 hours but we recommend changing the AAA batteries every 12 months so you know they’ll be fresh. Unused batteries do not last forever! The AAA batteries you get from the local shops will do just fine.

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